2 January 2012

find who is invisible in gtalk

hii friends now i am with an usefull trick to find who chating invisible , yes now you cn find it , you no need to do anything special , you just chat to your desired id while it showing off , then you can see the user is offline cant receive your chat this time , if showing same like this you can identify this user is offline , if that time show nothing then that user is online by puting invisible

this is not a trick , this is a tip ....sometimes the user really in offline it not shows in the red colur message , becoz off the user previously signout , one or more times while invisible , otherwise the user using 2 or more system with this same account , in one system user is invisible , and next time with another system user is visible to that accout, if like this the red message will not appear while user really offline , so dont think user is puting invisible ,

take this tip as a tip , normal user using mostly with one system, but only sometimes they putting invisible.....you can also find them by this tip...

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