12 January 2012

UNLOCK E173 - reliance

huawei 7.2mbps GSM usb modem introducing reliance this modem comes without a customised firmware so we can easly unlock by a suitable firmware

you need to download three software to your computer , no need to install just save it to your computer
  1. unlocked firmware clik here
  2. huawei code generator click here
  3. latest version of mobile partner click here

follow my instructions step by step

  1. connect your modem without any sim card to the computer
  2. check its connected properly
  3. note the default application is opening automatically if not opening manually open, and chek the modem is connected by pressing tools - diagonosis , if there is showing some things with your devise name and imei then surely your modem is connected
  4. do not anything , just close this application, dont remove you modem
  5. open the mobile partner that you already downloaded before , and it asks to install to your modem , just click ok and agree , then install the mobile partner update to your modem
  6. after the instalaation completes remove modem , and close all opened folder and programms, then uninstall the installed application that you used before to connecting your modem.
  7. now connect your modem again , it asks for install new mobile partner to your system, you need to install
  8. after the instalation check modem is connected with the application, that i mentioned in step 3
  9. close mobile partner dont remove modem
  10. now open the unlocked firmware that you downloaded before
  11. it asks to install the firmware to your modem
  12. its the unlocked firmware this will unlock your modem
  13. if your system asks a password between the instalation procces you need to enter your flash code as the password
  14. you can generate your flash code and unlock code by downloading the huwaei code generator, you need to enter your modem imei number for  getting these codes
  15. after the firmware instalation completes your modem will be unlocked succesfully , remove modem , close everything and reconnect with any GSM sim card , mobile partner will be opens automatically , now you need to create profile for connecting to the net , tools - options - profile management..

YESS !!! you have unlocked E 173

if you facing any problem post as comment


  1. i will update this post soon... now everybody download the softwares .. if you can try your self try.. otherwise wait.. i will tell you step by step soon.....

  2. now this post is updated , please read this post carefully , before you starting the unlock procces..

  3. please specify , what u want....to do

  4. Thank u so much for your tutor,,,, :)
    Like it

  5. what is passsword for master-code-gen-writer.rar?