5 January 2012

unlock e1732 idea netsetter permenantly



important note : dont try this tutorial by your self if you are new to unlock modems and hacking , trying by your self without consentration or without knowledge about unlocking will make your device damage or your imei and serial number will lost from your device,

IF YOU ARE NEW   just download all the file from this post and save to your computer then call me i will tell you what to do step by step , that will help you to unlock your device succesfully without any mistake or damage ,

must need to download this file

for download click here

extract two files
  1. CDMA workshop
  2. E1732 firmware downgrader
  3. mobile partner click here


E 1732

read carefully, i am telling step by step
  1. connect e1732 modem to your computer with any other gsm sim card, dont use the default idea sim that u purchased with modem,
  2. now open your idea netsetter application or open mobile partner if you changed dashboard - and notice that showing like " only specified sim/usim can be prefferd " or something like this , you just need to close that software do not anything close netsetter or mobile partner which you using..
  3. right click on your my computer icon and select manage , now a window opens, from the left panel chose device manager
  4. after a few seconds at the right panel you can see a button for modems , and right click on " HUAWEI Mobile Connect - 3G modem " - properties - advanced - advanced port setting . chek the com port number , dont change anything here , just put ok and come back to the previous where we chose button for modems
  5. look for another button for ports (COM & LPT ) click on it and can see HUAWEI Mobile Connect - 3G Application Interface ( COM11 ) , in my system its com11 , its not be same in your system , may be com 12 , com 6 , com 3 , com 5 , it may like these , you just notice which is your com , and you must remember this.
  6. now close everything , and disable your antivirus , and turn off your windows firewall
  7. open the CDMA workshop that i attached,
  8. at the right panel of cdma workshop - COM settings ( ATmode ) here put your com port number that i told before to remember
  9. then click to connect button , then click ready button
  10. now click memmory button from the top , then look at NV items at the bottom , then click on read button
  11. now asks to press ok and after a pop up window opens there you can edit first NV item and last NV item , do not enter anything on first NV item , but you must replace the last NV item and enter 9999, press ok and another pop up ask to save a file to save in your system, enter the file name as 1732nv , and click to save the file , note the location where you chose to save this text file
  12. this procces take a few minutes, keep waiting do not anything at this moment, just be silent, its important
  13. after this compleates a popup asks to press ok , just press ok and minimize cdma workshop
  14. here is the second part of our mission , open the E1732 downgrader that you downloaded from my attachment, and press yes to agree , then click next, now this searches for4 yor modem, this firmware update wizard now asks to press next  do it ,now a warning coming read this and press start , now showing "back up users data start please wait " you must be patient and its showing downloading programs after this showing update failure , dont be sad here is the hidden magic , just press ok and press finish. close this
  15. now open the minimized cdma workshop and press the main button from the top pannel and prees disconnect at the bottom
  16. now remove your modem from the computer and just wait few minutes,  then connect this again , and check for the com port number from device manager , that i mentioned in step 5
  17. cdma workshop is already opened right ? , no problem make sure your mobile partner or netsetter software is not open , becoz of now you reconnected your modem , in some system automatically mobilepartner opens, make sure only cdma workshop is open.
  18. and put your current com port number like i mentioned in step 8 , your com por number may be the same , that you saw first , may be its different , anyway put the current com port number to cdma workshop , and click to connect and ready buttons that i mentioned in step 9
  19. now press memmory button from the top, and look down for NV items and press write button , now a popup ask to press ok , you must press ok , now another popup opens, that you saved a file named 1732nv , slect on that file and press to open, now wait a few seconds and cdma workshop saving, after that another popup asks to press ok , also you must press ok
  20. after that you press the main button from the top , then look at down, press to disconnect, YESS you have done......hurrreeeeeeyyyy...we have unlocked your modem, remove modem and close everything, and reconnect your modem, open your idea netsetter or mobile partner. see the magic, say thanks , and subscibe , if you like my post , this great job i done before two month, just for  my personel , and i suggested to some friends, now i am posting this gwork to everyone. you can change your dashboard , after you can use , call , sms , ussd , and more..

if you want to update your netsetter software with mobile partner ( original , universal huawei dashboard ) , here i am posting the latest version of mobile partner with call , video call , sms , statistics of active connection , phone book , call log , connection history , and USSD ( for chekking balance like *123# )

you can download mobile partner from here


    1. yeah you call me +919895822985 , i unlocked three modems e1732 , i am sure i will help you , i can unlock.. you just need to call me..

    2. Hi Paul,
      Thanks for this link, i am trying to download the files from shared.com but getting an error

    3. yea good job sir i succesfully unlockedy modem, thanks alot, sir post some another hacking tricks to this blog , its really nice blog..

    4. http://www.4shared.com/rar/mR-51Z0T/E1732.html

      goto this link for download cdma workshop and e1732 downgrader

    5. thank you sir my modem unlocked

    6. call me friends if you want to say thanks ... my number is +919895822985 and sent your requests , anything i will post here , anything related hacking... let me hack anything.hehehe

    7. I tried to unlock my E1732 today as per the steps mentioned and mine got unlocked. Many thanks buddy...

    8. Hi Sibi,

      Any way to unlock MTS Mblaze?

      My problem is I have relocated from Haryana to Maharasthra recently. I'm using MTS prepaid but recharging is a lot problemous.

      I want to unloack it -- for any other CDMA (think GSM not possible, but not sure). At least if I can use a local MTS sim.........else I need to purchase another. I am thinking of purchasing an idea otherwise.

      my mail id panthai@live.com

      THX & RGDS.

    9. I also tried. Mine got unlocked too..
      Thanks to You.

    10. you welcome busyy...keep visit for more tips and trciks... also comment if you need any help...........

    11. hi Admin i just unlocked vodafone k 2540 successfully without any unlocker software

      vodafone data cards are already unlocked u just have to uninstall the Vodafone software firstly and then install any third party software like mobile partner then u start that software and make any connection for any SIM by going to network management and then put any sim in u r Vodafone data card and then the software automatically find the device
      then just make a profile for that sim and then click on connect so u r ready to surf the internet now

      1.Every time u plug u r modem than it want to install vodafone software for this u click cancel always otherwise if u install the software than only vodafone sim get work.

      2.If u r device doesn’t detect by third party software then u go to device manager than go to usb device and plug where u see u r modem then enable the device from there

      enjoy everybody

      any problem than contact me .

    12. http://modemhacking.blogspot.in/2012/01/unlock-vodafone-k3770-z.html

      this link help you for unlock vodafone and also try this link


    13. can I unlock Huawei E1550 11.609.20.03.356 by above trick? pls help

    14. no , because 1550 , 11.609.20.03.356 is comes with hyper terminal , 1732 wireless terminal both are customised firmware , any way we have two methords to unlock 1550 new , but both are costly so that i didnt post , because in this blog everybody seeking for the free solution , and also i have an aim that is saving my viewrs money..

      if another free solution i find , i will post in this blog ... so kindly view this blog for more news and hacking tricks... any way thanks for your valuable comments...

    15. hi sir
      my modem model no. is e173Du-1
      its not loading its idea net setter application
      its totally uninstalled
      can u pls tell me how to unlock it n use it again

    16. yeah there is software that upgrade the speed upto 7.2mbps ,, but this softwre only supports huawei modems... , letme post that software..

      i will post that software and the tutorial how to upgrade the speed, i will post tommorow.. just visitthis blog ....

    17. hello i tried to unlock idea e173du-1 the above procedure ofter this procedure my idea sim also not working pls help me

      my mail id :09691f0050@gmail.com

    18. sir i have idea E173DU-1
      i followed ur procedure after that my idea sim also not working nd it does'nt show network signals

      plese help me


    19. I am also facing same problem mentioned by above user

      1. I had done the above said steps.Its working perfectly for me.If you fine any problems while connecting,go to the device manager>modems>huawiemobile connect 3gmodem>right click>go to properties>advanced>insert this in the extra initialization command

        This command is for docomo.post if any need commands for other service provider

    20. Hi.

      is after unlocking e1732 idea 3G by above method ,downloading speed will decreases or any other problem which can face after unlocking & changing idea's software......???

    21. thank you brother sibi....god bless you and your family...yours is one of the most useful blog ....and i appreciate your mind to help others....keep it up... i am mansoor...was hardly searching for a solution to unlock idea net setter...and i did it now by using your teachings...it is very simple ...and you have given step by step instruction...there is now chance for doubts...

    22. you have to update your dashboard with mobile partner, and after that install mobile partner to the computer, then goto tools , options , profile manage ment , there you can create new connection.. if you are facing any problem give comments, our team will solve you..

    23. Thank you for kind reply,

      Sir, Is it necessary to install Idea netsetter default dashboard & mobile partner dashboard too ? can i run only on mobile partner application ?

    24. I used SolaGSM Calc it unlocked as it says while reading memory, my problem is how to go ahead with this method, and how to enable virtual CD of NetSetter which I accidentally disabled using SolaGSM.

    25. I am using Mobile Partner 11.302.09.01.539 which one is latest version?

    26. hoe can i enable extra initialization command text in windows 7 for idea net setter modem e1732

    27. yes it works...bcoz i hav done it through cdma workshop, downgrader. and all sims are working fine


      subhash singh

    28. hi there is it working on huawei e173cs-z provided by airtel???