18 February 2012


get free 2 gb 3g data on docomo prepaid just for free like price.

works also on usb modems.

if you have modem for any other provided you can unlock it and use this trick with it

how to do it

dear friends if you want to try 3g speed net on your pc without spending much for it then try this. as we all know the 3g price is very high. so if you want to get 3 g for a price almost that we can say free. dear friend here are two methods to get 3g 2gb free for 1 month. the tricks are a bit complicated but still its so cheap, almost free. so there is no much of risk in trying this.2gb high speed 3g just for 51.
as i said there are basically two methods for this. i tried and succeeded doing both. but cant guarantee. the first method. but the second method is fan offer from tata docomo itself.

trick one

get a new tata docomo sim (for free) almost every retailer sells sim for free. all you need to do is submit a proof for it. and recharge the sim with frc of 51. i think you know what frc means. frc is the very first recharge you do after you get a sim. insist the retailer to do the frc you want. and make sure that the sim is free of cost

trick two

the second method is confirmed one and it is an offer from docomo itself.
get a new sim and do frc for 109. which converts your sim to a micro sim. that is the sim which is used in usb modems. you can use this trick both on modems and on phone. if you have a huawei or any other modem from airtel or aircel you can unlock it and can use it with your docomo sim. tata docomo blazing speed. almost free thats just for 51 or for 109. if you are ready to take risk go with 51. to avoid risk go for 2gb free plan. by recharging with frc 109. so enjoy your very low paid 3g. as you can see on the table you can also do 299 to get 3 gb. if you have doubt about frc you can call tata docomo customer care and confirm it. and get updates on frc plans.

trick for huawei modem users e173 e153

usb modem users please don’t forget to customize your mobile partner
go to tools > options > network> network type wcdma only>band all bands.
if you get this working please comment.


all these recharges are frc so you’ll need to get a fresh docomo sim

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