14 February 2012


many of the evdo subscribers are unsatisfied with bsnl service. so here is a trick to unlock your bsnl evdo zte ac8700 modem. the trick is tested and is hundred percent working. all you need is just 10 minutes to unlock bsnl evdo zte ac8700 modem. you will need to download some softwares for unlocking bsnl evdo zte ac8700 modem. after unlocking you can use any cdma sim on your zte ac8700. like mts,tata indicom,reliance cdma etc. you can switch to new plans. and you can unlock the modem if you have network problem and want to try a new provider.as this is tested only on ac8700 this trick may work on other cdma modems also

  • the bsnl evdo modem is configured as non ruim. it also has the capability to work as ruim. so you just need to enable the ruim feature in your modem. (ruim=removable user identity module)
  • first of all you have to download the cdma workshop software

  • you must disable your antivirus while trying to unlock bsnl evdo zte ac8700 because the cdma workshop software here will be considered as a virus by most of the antivirus softwares, dont worry this is not a virus infected file if you have doubt you can scan your pc after unlocking your bsnl evdo zte ac8700, i assure there will be no problem.
  • after disabling antivirus run the cdma workshop
  • and in the common port drop down list select the common port of your bsnl evdo zte ac8700

  • and click on connect, wait for the ac8700 to connect
  • after the bsnl evdo zte ac8700 modem is connected select the security tab and select spc. input 000000 in the box click spc and click send

  • it will show a message as spc accepted
  • now select the “other” tab and in the ruim select ruim only and click on the send button. this makes your non ruim bsnl evdo zte ac8700 to ruim

    • now you have successfully unlocked your bsnl evdo zte ac8700 modem free of cost
    now you can delete the cdma workshop and enable your antivirus. and insert any cdma sim into your bsnl evdo zte ac8700 and change the apn settings and connect to internet
    if you have any problems unlocking bsnl evdo zte ac8700 modem please comment here. if you enjoyed

    here is the original versin of zte ac 8700 huawei modem by bsnl, the device is commonly called bsnl evdo. for those who have lost the driver here is the iso image of the original cd that came with ac 8700 from bsnl. you will need daemon tools to install the driver since it is in the iso file format. you can directly download it from here for free. you can also write the image on to a new cd or dvd.
    click the below links for download the reqiured files


    1. can we use gsm sim on bsnl evdo ,, if no, then how can we do that ... plz mail me at jugalkishore96@gmail.com

      1. u may usd a software called nfc,,it would help u,

    2. yo have unlocked it..bt whn I open ZTE TERMINAL i don’t see any option to edit Apn wat i see is an option 2 change d dial number frm *777 to *99# n also der’s no option to change APN.none of ur dashboard is detecting mine modem…!plz plz plz if possible give screen shots to explain the procedure of changing APN.thanks

    3. Sir,
      I unlocked successfully my modem. My modem works with Reliance CDMA, MTS, Virgin but it not supoorts Tata Indicom(Now Tata Docomo). When I Insert this sim No network signal shows on EVDO.
      Please Help Me!

      1. i too unloicked my evdo but iam unable to access internet with any of the mentioned provider. as an authentication error occurs . so please help and guide me the next step after unlocking the evdo pls reply @ daffodilsworld@yahoo.co.in