14 February 2012


haii... friends i hope everybody fine...

i know everybody enjoyed with my previous posts related with modem hacking , and now everybody learn about modem hacking , now you no need to pay any money to unlock your modem , with this blog your able to unlock yourself

now i am posting another usefull trick , thats help you to save money ( no need to buy a WiFi transmitter )

click here for screen shots and informations

you can acces your laptop internet to another wifi enabled device such as mobile phone ,laptop and computer also.. all this trick works without any hardware such as wifi router , internet switcher anything ... yess now you no need to pay the bill for your home connection and mobile internet , just pay for one connection and use it to your mobile phone also... see belowe for the requirments

laptop with inbuilt WiFi
active internet connection in your laptop
once you have the above things , we can proceed to the next step
Go to Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center
Click on "set a new connection or network"
Choose the “Set up a wireless ad hoc network” and clink on next

Now select the “WEP” Security type and enter the network name and security key(password) and also check on the “Save the settings” and click on next and save settings.

Now your HotSpot is created, to access internet on other devices share the internet with wi-fi. To share the internet open the “change adapter settings” page from the left side bar and right-click on the modem (In my case I am using the huawei modem for the internet)of your internet connection and click on properties and then click on the sharing tab and allow the network users to connect through this internet connection.

click here for the detailed screen shots


  1. how can i unlock my huawei moderm E173 MTN

    1. send me email...with ur modem details..

    2. Hi
      I am having big problems unlocking my Huawei E586. I have the codes but when i put unauthorised SIM into modem, the screen keeps flashing and i can't input any information at all. Can you help me please?

    3. connect me throgh team viwer i will solve it... email me....

  2. hello
    i have the unlock code as well as the flash code for my modem but it seems like i still cannot unlock my modem
    this is my imei number: 353973041932600
    this is the unlock code:33782920
    flash code:64073213

    please do reply me
    thank you!

    1. which modem u have to unlock..?? email me...

  3. please my model is MF631 HSUPA USB stick IMEI 861424010876019 UNLOCK 49665772 FLASH 47355565. After entering the unlock, the okk wil not highight until you add up other numbers. what do i do


    1. zte modem , where did u get this unlock code ???

      its wrong code,
      locked to which network.. use search box in my blog to locate the correct post for ur modem...

  4. dear friends.............i am using
    model:huawei e303s
    modem imei:867648011640131
    Unlock Code : 40562971
    Flash Code : 45488560
    but unble to get nck code?
    help me in this regard

    1. use search button in this blog ..search for your modem

  5. Sir can you help me unlock my huawei b200?
    IMEI: 358156030385734

  6. Any help with my MTN Huawei modem E303
    IMEI: 861862007800585
    By the way this unlock code(38612006) doesn't work.

  7. Friends, kindle help me my vodafone Huawei K3772, IMEI 861020004487852.
    please this code does not work 50372209

    1. commented on wrong thread...

      comment in correct post........

  8. Hello Paul,
    I thank you for the great work you are doing.
    Kindly help me to unlock my HuaweiMobile broadband modem with the
    following details;
    Serial No. 04A5TA10B0812296
    Unlockcode: 37507111
    Flash Code: 34020716

    Kindly give steps followed for unlocking since the modem doesn't
    prompt for unlocking code after entering different sim card.


  9. sir pls tell me the unlock code for huawei 303s modem
    IMEI ::IMEI: 867648011951017
    Hardware Version: CH2E303SM
    Firmware Version:
    Software Version:

  10. Please help me unlock my Huawei device..

    HUAWEI E586E
    IMEI: 860517010571059

    Thanks in advance sir...

  11. Plz help me sir, i have Huawei device model nb EC156 MEID A0000036B95701 Prepaid how to unlock it

  12. i had downloaded the universal code generator but when i use the code write using that unlocking code it shows error...
    kindly help